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How and where to start using video for business

Video marketing in action: how and where to start using video for business

Probably, even someone who has been a little interested in Internet marketing the past few years, at least once, has come across the assertion that video is the trend of the future. And now, perhaps, it’s time to inform: the future has already come. Well, continuing this statement by William Gibson – it’s just that it’s still unevenly distributed. As expected, video content makes up about 80% of the global Internet traffic and occupies a leading position in the content marketing tools.

Connoisseurs of time-tested knowledge and great quotes, such as “Everything will pass, and this too”, could not attach importance to the appearance of IGTV on Instagram and the increase in the number of videos on Facebook. But who will dispute the fact that YouTube has been the second most popular website in the world for more than a year?

Those who want to have time to jump into the video marketing rocket to conquer. the open spaces of social networks with the help of video content can still do it. But I must say that the stampede in the information space is becoming more tangible. And in the future, it will be difficult to squeeze among other businesses for those who stubbornly ignore the current ways of communicating with their audience. (Therefore, read this article to the end and do not postpone it anymore – we are shooting a video!)

Where to start for those who are in a hurry to invest resources in creating video and apply the notorious but incomprehensible video marketing in promoting their business?

  1. The formation of the goal
    To begin with, it is worth deciding on goals. These goals may include:
  • coverage
  • traffic
  • subscribers
  • sales.

A video aimed at wide coverage serves to increase recognition and popularity. Viral or entertaining video content handles such tasks. When creating a video designed to attract traffic to a target resource, you should pay more attention to its usefulness to users. Of course, these formats can be mutually penetrating: few doubt the benefits of humor. It is only important to remember the relevance of video content and activities (is humor appropriate if your business, for example, funeral or banking services).

The video, whose goal is lead generation, will contain a call to action and a promise of benefits. Such videos are created taking into account the degree of interest in the proposal. The use of this type of video implies addressing the appeal and showing its target audience (targeting, re targeting, re marketing – that’s all). My YouTube channel has a video dedicated to the sales video funnel, you can watch it here .

  1. Competitor analysis
    Before the introduction of video marketing, it will not be out of place to ask what those who you are competing with or equal to are already doing in terms of video. Do your competitors have a vlog on YouTube? Perhaps they replaced the text information on the site with video or posted a video about the company on the main page? What can you do to make a difference? We can talk about both quality and the number of videos.
  2. Video application
    It’s not enough to create a video, it’s much more important to apply it correctly. And how and where the video will be applied must be taken into account at the stage of its design. This will affect not only the structure of the video and its contents, but also its technical data.

The proportions of the frame, the presence or absence of captions and sound, the duration of the video – the most popular social networks have different requirements for these parameters. Here you should give preference to the format that will give the greatest return and meets the requirements of the social network preferred by your target audience. Fortunately, all audiences today are represented on Facebook, and this social network is in first place in terms of the effectiveness of video use . Despite this, Instagram is more suitable for direct sales of goods to a female audience, and YouTube is indispensable for useful reviews and expert vlogs.

The type of video being created depends in many respects on the main channel of promotion. This video will entertain, inform or train, it will tell you the level of demand for a certain type of video content on the selected site. it can also help to rank higher in serach engine

The above introduction is enough to start confidently using video marketing tools in your business. The next important step will be the analysis of the results obtained in order to improve them. There are various analytics services for this : YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, VidiQ, Clever, TubeBuddy. With their help, you can evaluate the degree of effectiveness of a particular video, and also compare the results from the use of different types of video content, so that, if necessary, make adjustments to the video or content plan.

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